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Reach real people,
not online approximations.


Get 70% more clicks with Zenreach ads

Use real-world data to advertise directly to customers in your neighborhood.

Real-people targeting

Your campaigns should target actual customers, not vague approximations. Zenreach's real-world data helps you target people based on their actual behavior and location. It outperforms Facebook control groups by 70%, on average.

Dedicated campaign management

Online ad campaigns are hard to set up and manage. With Zenreach, your campaign manager handles the design, audience creation and launch of your social media ad campaigns from start to finish.

Bring more customers back

The Zenreach platform powers personalized campaigns based on customer details and behavior. So 85% more of your first-time customers come back again, and they're 5x more likely to remain loyal.

Zenreach vs. Facebook campaigns

Peet's Coffee ran a 7-day Facebook campaign at 30 San Francisco locations. Here's how Zenreach's audience performed against Facebook's default custom audience.

2.7x impressions
1.6x CTR
4.3x cost/offer clicked
14¢ cost/offer clicked
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